Rupali is in charge of ACT’s project Shivan, an incubator that helps women tailor garment in bulk. Here, women are given orders from government or private factories for different types of garments. In Shivan, she directly mentors five other women to become entrepreneurs like her. With a flicker of satisfaction she says “the main purpose of my life is to give my children a good education”.

Her life was not all four years ago. Her entire life revolved around her family; completing her daily tasks, sending daughters to school and taking care of her in-laws. Rupali picked up tailoring at a very young age. Although she was ambitious she never got a platform to express her talents. In her family, a woman stepping out of the four walls to earn a living was practically unheard of. This narrow mindset prevailed in her family and neighbors.

One day she found out about ACT which was conducting a tailoring class nearby. She joined and completed a 3 month tailoring course from there. She also decided to join the personality development class. This self-discovery helped her realize her potential, made her more confident to break societal restraints and reach her full potentials.

She says “have confidence and don’t fear anything. Go out, meet people and trust your instincts. The world is not limited to just four walls. Explore the world out there and find yourself”. It is said that a successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.

The words ‘Man’ and ‘Ma’ held in the word ‘Woman’,

It only indicates the enormous potential that is just laid hidden in woman.